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B- hopeful and very happy wife

First of all, its been a long, frustrating week and a half, with a happy ending… I hope!

Today is my anniversary, 8 years ago I married my perfect pair, and continues to be the best part of me. I love being married, I love having a family, I love what we have built, and what we are building, and our plans for the future. Its magical to be married to your best friend, and I would not change it for the world. Every day I love him more and every day I appreciate more what we have, I feel blessed, lucky and rich at the same time.



Now back to the house, last week was the worst so far, the main contractor decided he wanted more money and he was really behind in the job, it got to a point that we had to stop working with him and begin to think that we need to paint ourselves. The good part is we got it in time, before we lost money, and would not have enough to finish, and in time with the schedule, we have just enough time to finish the floor this week, finish walls and paint next week, this weekend the house will be tented for extermination of insects and other creatures. And next weekend we would move in, not a minute too early.

Packing is going, slow but sure, Its just life that I have a lot of work, have to travel to present a project in Ocala next monday, two other projects to finish this week, my 1-1/2 year old was sick last week, and then I got sick, still not feeling 100%, my mom is now working full time, so no babysitter. But in a month everything will seam effortless and worth.

The house is looking pretty good, the floor looks amazing and is 80% done, Juan Carlos is been working in cleaning the outside of the house of debris, plants, trash, etc, also he cleaned the inside for the video. Dumpster #4 is almost full, and is the last one. Should be picked up by the end of the week. The garage is getting empty, most of the materials have been used.

The heavy work is now for Juan Carlos, I sent him a list of what needs to be dome by him, and he got kind of depressed, but not everything has to be done before moving, once in the house we have more time to work in the details, here is a copy of the list.


We are almost there, lets see how next week goes, we need good energy for all to go according to plan, we have no time for any delay. I promise to be more in contact this week. Thank you for reading






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  1. Tepi says:

    Happy Anniversary, prima! Now that i’ve seen the before pictures, I can see all the big changes and all the hard work you’ve put into it! It’s going to be wonderful and I’m glad I can start helping u! So excited I can visit u all the time now u’ll be closer :) See you tomorrow!

  2. satilite says:

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