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After the very negative post on sunday, we need to change the energy of our adventure.

Even thou Sunday was a difficult day we accomplished a lot, specially, we began to make the house ours, and walking and picking gave us a new perspective and the ideas we had, began to take better shape.

Monday, we did not go to the house, I guess we felt overwhelmed, and a little discouraged. I needed to shuffle the budget with the new ideas, and Juan Carlos needed to work.

Today in the other hand was a great, great day, we finish the cleaning of the interior of the house (half the dumpster is now full), Juan Carlos is at the moment cleaning and picking the garage, he said he would finish today, I am not sure, but it will be great. We found out we can demolish the walls in the living and kitchen without mayor structural work, we were worried about this, because this demolition is priority 1.

We contracted the bathrooms (very close to the budget), they begin tomorrow with the demolition.

And there is one guy, who is going to begin early tomorrow demolishing the ceiling, scraping the popcorn in the bedrooms ceiling, cleaning, and just keep working a thousand little tasks.

There is one contractor giving me a number for the big items like installing windows and doors, the patio terrace, I hope the price is close to my number for him to begin this week too.

Now, let talk about THE PLAN, what are we going to do? A lot, as much as we can; at the moment I am about $3,000 over budget and there is not one thing i don’t deem absolutely necessary!

Changing the floors, demolishing the walls in the living room, demolishing the walls in the kitchen, doing a pantry, create an island, complete the kitchen, the patio terrace in concrete, changing the exterior doors, open a window in the office and making the window in the master a sliding door, removing the popcorn ceiling, refinish the bathrooms, painting inside and outside.

Its a long list, i wont judge you if you did not read it all, here are some graphics,

This is the living wall we want to demolish, at least most of it, it blocks the light, the view and the spaces, it has to go.


This is the wall between the living and the kitchen, the two openings just don’t work, the one in the left is behind the entrance door.


This is the kitchen wall that has to go, to create a huge, beatiful kitchen.


And this is why i love my house, you will love it too, it needs a lot of love, but it will be a great home for us 4.


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  1. Heidy says:

    When you describe everything that you will be doing I sort of imagine it in my mind, it is a lot of work, but you have an amazing taste for beautiful things so I’m sure it will look awesome in 2 months, I can’t wait to start seeing those walls down, a big open kitchen, new ceiling, new floors, wowwww I can’t wait! Sending you a lot of good vibe and energy and keep posting!

  2. Nice new home Angela congratulation, I know with your talent is going to be the best house in Miami

  3. Bill Hubert says:

    I would love to re post this entry on my own website will that be okay

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