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B- the happy, working new owner

Its been one week since we received the keys of our new house, and a lot has happened, for once I have been in my house many times, which I love, I can be there all day, also we met the neighbors, cleaned, organize, today we went out to the lake with the kids, decided priorities based on budget, contracted all the main renovations, and had a lot of demolition done!!! A LOT!!!

In the front we demolished the white railing an balusters, (I have more plans for the entrance but that did not made priority list), we removed the grill and planter in front the right window; you also can see a full dumpster, its the second one, the first one was full with trash, and little debris.

Once you come into the house you can see the newly open wall, and imagine how the spaces are going to look once they have one flooring running thru out. The wood posts are there provisionally while we address the structural system of the wall.

In the kitchen, the open space feels incredible, I love how the ceiling looks without the dropped ceiling, and there is more demolition to be done in this space, in the entrance from the living and behind the refrigerator.

The garage was cleaned and almost empty, old cabinets were removed, but is now full of materials, and items we may reuse.

In the big space, which is going to be, family room, dinning room and office, we demolish the tiled ceiling, and the closet, that took all of the farthest wall.

Back in the living, the mess in the floor, actually makes me really happy, its the glittered popcorn that was removed today, the ceilings look great after the removal, which was a very nice surprise. It is impossible to pick up the wet goo, you need to wait until it dries and then just sweep it.

Then in what used to be a closet in the corridor, and a little space from the kids bathroom, a tiny little powder is being created, is still very rough, but soon it will be great.

In the bedrooms, only cleaning, removing stuff from the walls and closets, and the popcorn.

For one week, I am very happy and positive, even thou I know this stage is very noticeable and fast, then the little details to finish take forever and you can barely see them, but are so important, to make a good house, A GREAT HOME.


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