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B-too proud to show you the bad?

Its been almost a month since I posted on my Blog!!! and every single day I had it in my mind!

What Happened?

Apart of lots to be done, and being too tired to do anything after we go to bed, the kids being sick, the school is FAR now, and work is being goodly crazy.

A bad case of “its now my house and I want it perfect” sindrome.

But I have show worst of this same house!


But it was a house being remodel, not MY HOME, with my furniture, my husband, my dog living in it, and its not 100% ready, more like 85%-90% ready. Its missing a lot, “the list” is big, including a lot of important issues, like baseboards and a part of the kitchen to be assemble, without thinking about painting new doors and doing the terrace I want outside. But is better, much better, incredibly amazing after that first video.

I am going to show you some pictures of the good, I am still working in the other areas (the bad) the family room, the office, the bedrooms, the bathrooms, missing the glass enclosures, the vanity and sink of the powder room, “soon” I will make a video, but in order to do it, I would need a day to organize without kids and then do the video, not likely to happen for the time being.

so this is it

this is the living room! i think it looks really good, i would like to paint the wall a dark gray or so, but that has not even made “the list”


This is my entrance space that i love, love, love, the chairs, the table, the midcentury vibe, all is what i like.


Here is the dining room, I like my furniture and the lamp, it need some sort of closing towards the office and a area rug to define the space. But the view!!!! no words.


And this is MY kitchen, my favorite place so far, its so good i have been cooking and cleaning everyday…

the island i do looooooooooove, its amazing, everything i could imagine and more, the red accents and the retro look agree with my personality


It is still missing a section between the fridge and the window, cabinets in the bottom and open red shelves on top. i am dreaming about it, but is is still stuck in “the list”.



and this is the pantry, the space inside the doors is great, I have so much space I still need to keep buying groceries in order to fill it up. the doors came out good, they still need paint and a little detail I designed.


as you see I am positive, and the house has good ambient, light and structure, little by little will become my dream home. Lately i have been thinking that my dream of designing my home has come true, and it feels good and incredible living your design. I love every piece of it.

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  1. Heidy says:

    Love it!

  2. Mapi says:

    Yehi!!! I think it looks amazing! and now it’s just a matter of living in the space and going through the list little by little. You have to be REALLY proud of yourself ;)

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