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B-too proud to show you the bad? —

Its been almost a month since I posted on my Blog!!! and every single day I had it in my mind! What Happened? Apart of lots to be done, and being too tired to do anything after we go to bed, the kids being sick, the school is FAR now, and work is being goodly […]

B- hopeful and very happy wife —

First of all, its been a long, frustrating week and a half, with a happy ending… I hope! Today is my anniversary, 8 years ago I married my perfect pair, and continues to be the best part of me. I love being married, I love having a family, I love what we have built, and […]

B-discouraged and tired architect —

Today marks the beginning of the fifth week of works at my new house, and feelings are on the surface, what it has been done, looks amazing, I love the way things are shaping up , I feel so good in the house, and we, the kids an I, have so much fun in the […]

B- the anxious client —

I can’t believe i am sliding into this new version of myself, that i never saw coming, I have been part in construction projects since I am a little girl, with a father, grandfather, husband, involved in the business , I have done plenty. But this new facet is completely new to me, I am […]

B- Inspired to wait —

This is my third week as a blogger! I have followers by email, in Facebook (B-architecture Miami) and more than 60 views on the videos in youtube. Not bad! Thank you all for your support and please keep reading. About our adventure, is going better than expected. This week a lot of work was done, […]

B- the happy, working new owner —

Its been one week since we received the keys of our new house, and a lot has happened, for once I have been in my house many times, which I love, I can be there all day, also we met the neighbors, cleaned, organize, today we went out to the lake with the kids, decided […]


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