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B- the architect, the plan —

After the very negative post on sunday, we need to change the energy of our adventure. Even thou Sunday was a difficult day we accomplished a lot, specially, we began to make the house ours, and walking and picking gave us a new perspective and the ideas we had, began to take better shape. Monday, […]

B- Mortified cleaning lady —

Today was the day, we finally got to see what was what, and guess what? It was even worst than I imagine, I knew he will leave tons of stuff behind, I knew he was not very clean, and disorganized … BUT what we found today was not only dirty, in every sense of the […]

B-The patient lady —

Hello, today is my birthday!!! Yey!!! And its looking that today is the day we are going to get the keys of our house, MAYBE!!! We went Thursday to get the surprise of a very smiley old owner apologising because He was not even close to be ready, he asked for another day, until 5:00pm […]


HELLO WORLD!!! ITS THE FIRST PHRASE I SAW WHEN CREATING THE BLOG, IT IS SOOOO APPROPRIATE!!! I hope this is not a one way conversation for long. Just some background to create the foundations. My Name is Angela Bernal, I am a wife (married to the love of my life for almost 8 years), mother […]


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